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Corporate Destination Service



As one of the leading residential leasing service provider in Shanghai, Merry Home is dedicating to provide a comprehensive destination service, specifically designed for MNCs (Multi-National Corporations). Merry Home has been working with many MNCs. With many year experience in providing relocation services, we understand the pressure of relocating staff with different requirements within a short period. We work closely with HR aiming to be the partners of our clients and help them to smoothly complete the assignment.



Services to corporate HR

Administrative support 行政支持

Regular report 定期報告

Human resource support 人事支持

Assignees’ benefits and package consultation 外派人員福利和整體派遣咨詢

Financial supportt 財務支持

Cost saving and budget control 成本節約和預算控制

Rental payment arrangement, Safe deposit, create financial flexibility and reduce risk. 月租金支付安排,押金安全, 為大客戶創造靈活的財務方案和降低風險

Safe Deposit 押金安全

Deposit Refunding is one of the substantial achievements of last 20 years for Merry Home, we successfully handle the deposit issue and none of Merry Home’s tenants failed to get their deposit back.



Our Corporate Clients

After working for 10 years with a large relocation company, one of our major clients started to deal with Merry Home and explained us: "I want to feel that my company's business is important to our relocation service provider, so that they will go the extra mile for us. So we are moving our business to Merry Home because I know we will be important to you."

After 10 years, this Client is still extremely important to Merry Home. This corporate client told us recently: "When we have any relocation & property issue or problem, all my staff know to call Merry Home-they are our relocation & property department! We know Merry Home will handle it all for us, freeing up the time of our Human Resources staff, so they can focus on functions that add-value to the business."

When you become a Client of Merry Home, it will be our aim to make sure you have the same experience.

10年前,一家很大的公司停止和另外一家安居公司的合作而投向我們,公司負責人對我們說: “我們想讓我們的安居供應商覺得我們對他們很重要,這樣我們的供應商才會努力超越我們的期望。所以找到你們,是應為我知道美麗家園會很重視我們公司?!?br />
10年之后, 這家公司還在繼續和我們合作,我們仍然很重視他們。 客戶公司的負責人說: “當我們在員工的安居或者房產上有任何問題,所有人都知道聯系美麗家園就行了。 美麗家園就像是我們公司的一個安居和房產部門。美麗家園徹底解放了我們的人事行政部門,這樣我們就可以專注在自己的生意上了?!?br />

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